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[Etsy Find of the Week: jinshanghai]

剪纸 (JianZhi) aka Chinese paper cutting is a thousands-of-year old art form from, you guessed it, China. It’s super intricate and can be done in both a solid color paper and a single sheet of paper with a whole rainbow of color. Just a thought, but wouldn’t one of these designs look awesome on a letterpress invitation. Oh snap!

Blog Posts Backlog: While I was on hiatus, I’ve been busy as a wedding bee crossing things off my massive must-be-done-one-year-out to do list. Now I’m playing catch up. To give you a sneak peek at the blog posts coming your way:

  • Are You My Venue? This is 99 percent finalized. I’ll be following my cousin’s lead (er…..copying her idea) in blogging about our quest to find our venues.
  • Mark Your Calendars, We Have A Date! Since our venues are 99 percent finalized, this means that we have a date. All I have to say at this point is….good grief, this was stressful. I just don’t understand how other married people I know were actually able to take their sweet time in picking a date and venue. It was like Battle Royale trying to get a “good” date at the venues we wanted.
  • Say Yes To The Dress, Say No To The Show! I went shopping for dresses for the first time last weekend. I wasn’t planning on it, but long story short, I took my Cousin’s appointment. No, I did not steal it. She bought her dress already but the appointment at this shop was never canceled, so I took it.
  • Assembling My Team. When one of my other cousins got married last year, I thought she had a lot of bridesmaids. She had seven. Seven was a lot I thought. Now I have six and am eating my words.
  • E-Party Recap. DL’s friend brought his fancy SLR camera to our engagement party and acted our pro photographer. But this is his hobby, not his job. It’s been about three weeks and I have yet to see any of the photos. Once I get my hands on those, I’ll be doing a quick recap.
  • E-Party Part 2. No, no…..it’s not what you think. This engagement party is for my cousin. You know…this one. Let’s just say, my mom and I have the game plan down pact and that my e-party was just a dry run for hers.

Stayed tuned…..we’re now returning to our regularly scheduled programming.