Yesterday, my mom and I coordinated a co-ed baby shower for my cousin who’s having her first kid next month. And since it’s the Year of the Snake, I’ve been calling it a “snake baby.” Overall, it was fun — a lot of big laughs at some disturbingly decorated baby onuses (seriously, who draws Medusa on baby clothes — apparently, my husband does) and watching grown adults (as in my parents and aunt/uncle) drink milk from baby bottles.

A few days before that, DL and I celebrated another Valentine’s Day at home. We went out one year, and I think that may be the only year we go out. As much as I like to give my hubby a hard time about not buying my flowers and taking me out to eat a fancy restaurants, deep down I know, I’m am partially paying for the overpriced gifts that I know will be cheaper immediately at 12:01AM on Feb 15.

And tonight, we leave for New York City. I’m going for work. DL is going to play. This is the first time that I’m taking him with me on a work trip, and something tells me that this won’t be the last.

Movie Tally: 44

  • High Fidelity – Even though I haven’t watched many of his movies, I still associate John Cusack with 80s movies. So when we started watching “High Fidelity” on Valentine’s Day, I had a hard time believing that this movie was made in the 2000s even though the setting was clearly not the 80s. So what did I think of this movie? Pretty good, but I think I would have appreciated it more if I were a music snob. You know, those people who love to one up each other with their Wikipedia like knowledge of obscure bands and artists, and love to collect vinyls. But the music geekery was just a character trait. The real story was about a guy who has just broken up with his girlfriend and decides to revisit all of his ex-girlfriends to figure out what went wrong in each of those relationships to see why things didn’t work out with the most recent one.


  • Finding Nemo – 10 years after it first hit movie theaters, I can finally say that I’ve watched “Finding Nemo.” And I now finally understand that most of the movie stills of the clownfish and regal tang fish are actually Nemo’s dad and Dory, not Nemo and Dory. It’s a sweet father-son story about learning to let your “kids” figure things out on their own even though you want to protect them from all the dangers of the world, and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.


  • Ip Man – This was a re-watch. Great martial arts movie about the Wing-Chun Grandmaster, Ip Man, but in the grand tradition of pretty much all the big, blockbuster movies coming out of China, there a very heavy nationalistic message. But upon re-watching this movie, I couldn’t help but notice that the storyline is very similar to Cinderella Man.


  • The Island – This was another re-watch. It’s entertaining, and I’ll watch it if it’s on, but it’s a pretty typical Michael Bay movie: Blow ’em up, shoot ’em up.