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Bride Wars[Me and my cousin sure are flipping happy about our rocks]

So my cousin got engaged about three months before me. This means we’re going to get married more or less around the same time. Is this a good thing or bad thing? You be the judge….

Cousin: So have you thought about colors yet, or anything like that?

Me: I like yellow.

Cousin: Excuse me, did you say YELLOW?!? Uhm Daisy, I thought we talked about this already.

Me: I know, we did talk about this and I mentioned that I like yellow.

My cousin then gives me the evil eye. I shutter, but I stand my ground. An icy cold war begins to brew…or NOT.

While we may both have yellow weddings, in all seriousness, it’s nice to have a wedding buddy to swap notes with and talk shop. As for battle yellow, we’ll see who wins that fight…OR perhaps, my cousin’s sister was on to something about that “double wedding” idea.

Are you in the middle of a bride war? Is a close friend or relative out to steal your thunder. Or is it safe to say that you have a bridal buddy who won’t get sick of your wedding ramblings and chatter?