Immediately after college, I embarked on my new-found career in public relations, where I spent two years at a boutique and large agency. While I found agency life to be fast-paced and exciting, it was often filled with high-stress and round-the-clock make-it or break situations. It was the best of times and it was the worst of times… the end, let’s just say that it was not a good fit. I made the move to do in-house PR and that is how this blog was born.

Life After The Agency 1.0
My Life Before And After My 8am to 5pm Shift

Shortly after embarking on my new life as a public relations associate with a consumer lifestyle brand, I decided to blog again as a way to provide myself with some dirt cheap but therapeutic rehab from Agency Life. Finding that I lacked any real interests outside of work, I set off to do some soul-searching and to find a hobby. After my first few posts, I realized that I am a PR person, true and through. My blog became a collection of commentaries from a public relations perspective on current news, entertainment and my personal day-to-day life.

Life After The Agency 2.0
Chronicles Of An Unemployed, Free Agent of Public Relations

Seven months after landing my coveted in-house pr job that had been an absolute dream, I was forced back into a struggling job market. Yes, I was laid off (due to “restructuring and economics”) and became one of the 1.13 million unemployed Californians. Accordingly, I rededicated my blog to my state of “funemployment,” following my hero’s quest to put my career back on track while facing many new adventures with California’s Employment Development Department.

Dayseye 1.0
The Quarter Life Crisis Edition
About three months later, I made my fateful, yet terribly ironic return to agency life when I accepted a position with a mid-sized PR agency. While I have no intentions of discussing work in this blog, I couldn’t help but think that perhaps, just maybe, my blog’s name was rather inappropriate and needed to be changed. So on the eve of my 25th birthday, I decided to dedicate version 3.0 to my so-called quarter life crisis and all its wonderful goodness.

One year later, I was still employed and things were looking stable on the career-front. Long story short, my “quarter-life crisis” wasn’t that much of a crisis. It was just a year in which I learned that I am a lousy blogger who was too lazy to come up with any clever to say about being 25 years old. Offline, however, I did realize that I am at a stage in my life where there are really just three thoughts that plague me every day — money, marriage and my next meal. 

Dayseye 2.0
Red Envelopes + Tea
After five years together, DL and I decided to tie the knot during our six year. I made a earnest attempt at document the trials and tribulations at planning a big fat Chinese wedding. But as always, I fell flat at being a real-time wedding blogger as the actual stress leading up to the wedding and the ensuing craziness that followed left little time for this blog. Hopefully, I’ll figure out a way to make time for this blog during the next chapter in my life.

Dayseye 3.0
Nesting In Progress
A few months after we got hitched, DL and I bought a house. It was probably one of the most painful and stressful experiences of my life. I won’t rehash that dark moment of my married life and will instead focus on the good, the bad and the ugly parts of homeownership. This includes DIY projects, home decor ideas and all money woes that goes into nesting. Oh yea, and when I can, I’ll try to backtrack and recap my trip down the aisle while I still remember everything.


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