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My cousin once told me that any consumer product or service with the word ‘wedding’ attached to it, is bound to be extremely overpriced. Now that I am engaged, I know this to be true. To add to her nugget of wisdom, the word ‘wedding’ should not be mistaken as an adjective for quality. That being said, this is less true for couture wedding dresses and a fact-of-life for favors, decorations and anything related to the bridesmaid role. For this reason, I will be scouting for vendors at Maker Faire today. Specifically, I am looking for cool crafts that I can integrate into my reception e.g., favors, engagement photo session props and ceremony decorations.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Disneyland of the Do-It-Yourself world, Maker Faire is the world’s largest DIY festival in the world and it’s conveniently located in my area (though from the looks of their website, Maker Faire is expanding across the U.S. of A in many far off parts of the country, which is an awesome way to spread the love).

Lastly, if you’re going to be there too, have fun and check out Mochi Studios at the Bazaar Bizarre. My dear friend and Maker-extraordinaire will be there with her super cute plushies and crafts.