Year of the Snake | Source: International Business Times

This weekend, we welcomed the year of the snake with a 9-course dinner, red envelopes and phone calls to relatives to China and Canada. In other news, I ran/walked 5 miles. Not a bad way to start off another new year.

Movie Tally: 40

Silent Hill: Revelation Quite possibly one of the worst movies that I’ve ever seen. I really want that 1+ hour of my life back after watching this horrible movie. It just reconfirmed one of the “known” facts of life. Video game movies are never good. As one reviewer described it, “Silent Hill is the place where good actors go to collect a check.”  

Alex Cross Another awful movie where I was left wanting the 1+ hour of my life back. And while the premise wasn’t as ridiculous as Silent Hill. I had a hard time believing that a psychologist/detective could somehow psychically deduce the next steps of his enemy just by thinking real hard. At least with Sherlock Homes, there was so logic behind the crazy deductions. The other thing that did not sit well with me was the “vigilantism is okay” message. Batman, Alex Cross is not. There really was not “greater good” reasoning – it was purely selfish and it didn’t matter if he bent the law to get his revenge. Yea, that’s exactly what this world needs, and who I (as the audience of this movie) should rooting for. A cop who believes he has the power to be the judge and executioner against people who have wronged him. Also, the side kick was really annoying, mainly because he has no skills or purpose other than yelling at people.

Here Comes The Boom – After sitting through two bad movies, this feel-good movie that was actually good was a welcome changed. Granted, it’s predictable, but it has a lot of heart. The story about a teacher who doesn’t care anymore, learn to care and make a difference in his students’  lives via MMA cage fighting. The only annoying part of this movie was Charice (Filipino teen singer). Jeezes. Just because you have an actor that sing well doesn’t mean you need to make an excuse to let them sing in the movies that they are in. Justin Timberlake gets it (he’s been in a ton of movies where he doesn’t sing, and is actually pretty good in them e.g., The Social Network, Black Snake Moan) and Mariah Carey learned the hard way (Precious, after Glitter).

Argo – Great movie, and even more amazing true story. Granted after reading the Wikipedia page on what exactly was accurate, I’m not surprise that the real Canadian Caper wasn’t quite as down-to-the-minute suspenseful as it was in the movie, but what do you expect. It’s Hollywood.

Gantz – A bizarre movie, but once you realize that it was based on a manga of the same name, it makes sense why this flows so much like a teenage boy’s wet dream. Nerds being called on to save the world with big guns and girls with a lot of awkward close up shots of their buts and busts. And in case anyone’s wondering, the lead character is the guy from Letters from Iwo Jima.

Gantz: Perfect Answer – The sequel to Gantz, this movie (from what I read) deviates a lot from the source material. The ending is downright confusing and the there so many weird plot holes that aren’t explained. But I guess if you liked the first Gantz, you’ll probably still enjoy the second one.

The Lady – A bio pic on Aung San Suu Kyi (the pro-democracy leader in Burma who spent much of her life under house arrest), this is a really sad, but inspiring story about a woman who made a lot of personal sacrifices for the sake of her homeland and people. She pretty much went from being an Oxford housewife to become a symbol of political resistance and democracy in Burma and internationally. She gives up raising her sons and being a wife, and being there for her husband as he’s dying of cancer to fight for democracy. Michelle Yeoh did a fantastic job portraying Kyi in my opinion, and that alone is worth watching this movie.