Almost Ran 4 Miles

Yesterday, I came really, really close to running 4 miles in 1 hour. However, I was derailed by someone-who-will-remain-nameless who had to go home right away because he wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t wait 14 minutes to for me to run/walk a half more mile to hit the 4 miles. Ugh, and thank you. In any case, this weekend’s goal is to hit 5 miles in 1 hour.

Movie Tally: 33

Man with the Iron Fists: Not a fan. Definitely not a fan of this campy, over-the-top, black man’s fantasy of being a hero in a Chinese martial arts movie. While it has the feel of a Quentin Tarantino movie, it replaces random conversations with really bad dialogue. Can’t stand how the Chinese people in this movie can’t decide whether to speak Chinese or American English. Guess it has to the with the fact that most of the Asian actors are not Chinese. And the costumes. Ugh. Just because your “clan” is named after an animal, doesn’t mean everyone needs to dress like that animal. And the brothel girls…looks like someone just bought the cheapest shit from Chinatown.


Adventures in SF: Academy of Science, Japanese Tea Garden & GG Bridge

While pretty much everyone in the SF Bay Area was preparing for their Super Bowl parties, DL and I departed from our usual Saturday routine (which usually involves watching 2-3 movies and eating) and spent a day exploring part of San Francisco.

Our first stop of the day was the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. I’ve been wanting to go since it opened and had the good fortune of getting a couple of free tickets from my friend. My overall thoughts: a nice place to spend a day, but much smaller than I thought it would be. The best part was the aquarium in the basement of the self-contained rainforest bubble. Loved how you can go from the top of the rainforest canopy to the deeper parts of the ocean floor. The albino alligator was cool, so was the albino (er..yellow) snake in the gift shop. What was a little underwhelming were the penguins, as were the “stuffed” African animal exhibit. Couldn’t help but feel bad that they were in such a small enclosure. As for the non-animal exhibits, I learned a lot about earthquakes yesterday.




At one point, we took a break from the Academy of Science and visited the Japanese Tea Garden to get some tea and mochi. From what I understand, this is the oldest Japanese garden in the U.S., however, it wasn’t that big in my opinion. Maybe it’s because I’ve visited a lot of different garden that where bigger, or maybe because it was built on a hill that it didn’t seem that big. 20130203-183707.jpgOur last stop of the day was the Golden Gate Bridge. We got there after sunset so it was getting dark but we were still able to get some photos. One interesting thing worth noting, a new visitor center has opened. It was already closed when we got there, but it looks nice. I think one of the next SF excursions that we do will be a bike ride across the bridge.


Movie Tally: 32

The Green Mile  Finally watched this movie. Made by the same director as Shawshank Redemption, this is another story about prisoners and guards during the Great Depression. Only difference is that this movie is kind of magical. It surprises me that this was based on a Stephen King novel because I aways associate horror with his work.

Boyz N the Hood – Also another classic movie that I finally watched. For some reason, I always get this movie mixed up with Bad Boys (also didn’t see) so at first I was confused about the movie’s plot. It was kind of a trip to see Cuba Gooding Jr. when he was so young, before he was famous. But what really blew me away was the director (after I looked him up). He was 23 when he wrote and directed this film and because the youngest and first black director to be nominated for an Oscar. Talk about killing it on your first try.





Running a Half Marathon?

Call me crazy, but it sure seems like everyone I know is going down to San Diego to run a half marathon at the zoo in May. Will I join them? We’ll see. Right now, it takes me 1 hour to run/walk a little more than 3 miles. That means it takes me 20 minutes to travel 1 mile on foot. The deadline is still a few weeks ago. I’ll make the decision depending on if I can improve my overall ability to run. If I can’t, then I might as well save my money and be a spectator which is cheaper.

Movie Tally: 30

Seven Psychopaths – This movie is all over the place. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention but I had to read the Wikipedia page to figure out what was happening. It was hard to tell whether the seven psychopaths in the title are dream sequences, part of the screenplay that the main character is writing, or actually happening in the world of the movie. Turns out, it’s a mix of both, which is why it was so hard to follow.

FlightDL thought this movie was about the actual flight, but turns out, the flight is just the first 20 minutes of the movie. The rest of the movie is about Denzel’s character coming to terms with the fact that he’s an alcoholic and needs help.

Battle Royale – A re-watch movie. This is the original “Hunger Games” and it’s great. Violent and disturbing, but it’s pretty much become a classic story about kids being forced to kill each other.

DIY Linen Pinboard, Part 1

Today, I tried my hand at a DIY linen pin board. My inspiration? This overpriced beauty from Pottery Barn. Looks great, but I’m not paying a three digit price for it.

So instead, I bought (1) four foam boards, (2) two yards of linen, (3) one set of eight 12×12 cork board squares, (4) one can of spray-on adhesive and (5) one staple gun. I have the box cutter, black marker, duct tape and measuring tape.


I started off by measuring the wall space. To fill it, I decided to make a 55 inch by 40 inch pin board. Next I duct taped the form board together and cut it to size.


Afterwards, I laid down my cork squares and realized that I am short. (Doh!) So now it’s off to Amazon to buy some more cork and wait till next weekend to continue this project.

Movie Tally: 27

A Simple Life A rare HK film that’s about HK. Most Asian movies today seem to be a big multi-country collaboration between HK, Mainland China, South Korea, Japan, etc. But this one, it’s a very HK story about a grown man who’s been taken care of by his amah (nanny or domestic servant) his whole life, until she has a stroke. This is when the tables turn and the man becomes the one to take care of his amah. It’s a touching story about the loving bond between two people that in the beginning seemed be a very distant master-servant relationship. It’s also an eye opening look at elderly care in HK. Apparently this was based on a true story about a film producer and his amah, making it all the more touching. What’s very notable about this movie is that it’s gimmick-less. You would almost think that it was a documentary with the way it shows two people’s normal every day interactions. There are no tear-jerking scenes or monologues, or characters who’ve done wrong or have taken each other for granted. No, it’s simply a story about a man and his nanny.

Celeste and Jesse Forever This movies is like “The Breakup“. You expect funny things to happen based on the trailer, but in the end, the movie is one heck of a tear jerker of about two people who used to love each other, let their relationship deteriorate, realize it too late and deal with trying to let go and move on. Celeste and Jesse are a young couple who are best friends, but are separated at the start of the movie and plan to divorce. Funny thing is, they still act like best friends and do everything together. Until Jesse knocks up a girl he has a one night stand and then decides to really call it quits. It’s very touching to see how these two struggle with the realization that they still love each other but don’t want to go back on their decision to go their separate ways. In thinking about relationships, it can be really easy to look at the bad to justify leaving, but remembering the good can just completely break your heart when you realize what it was that made you fall in love with someone to begin with.