Call me crazy, but it sure seems like everyone I know is going down to San Diego to run a half marathon at the zoo in May. Will I join them? We’ll see. Right now, it takes me 1 hour to run/walk a little more than 3 miles. That means it takes me 20 minutes to travel 1 mile on foot. The deadline is still a few weeks ago. I’ll make the decision depending on if I can improve my overall ability to run. If I can’t, then I might as well save my money and be a spectator which is cheaper.

Movie Tally: 30

Seven Psychopaths – This movie is all over the place. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention but I had to read the Wikipedia page to figure out what was happening. It was hard to tell whether the seven psychopaths in the title are dream sequences, part of the screenplay that the main character is writing, or actually happening in the world of the movie. Turns out, it’s a mix of both, which is why it was so hard to follow.

FlightDL thought this movie was about the actual flight, but turns out, the flight is just the first 20 minutes of the movie. The rest of the movie is about Denzel’s character coming to terms with the fact that he’s an alcoholic and needs help.

Battle Royale – A re-watch movie. This is the original “Hunger Games” and it’s great. Violent and disturbing, but it’s pretty much become a classic story about kids being forced to kill each other.