Some food for thought. You know when you’re not on your A-game: When things aren’t going according to plan. When everything you do is two steps behind where you should be. That’s what it feels like these days. And it’s not just me, seems like many people around me are either very distracted or constantly being derailed. But what’s the difference? In both cases, you are not doing what you’re supposed to be. The difference is that being distracted means you’re taking your eye off the ball (your fault) and being derailed means that outside forces or events must take priority (not your fault) over everything else that you must do. Which is the greater evil? In my opinion, it’s being distracted. People will generally forgive you when you’re derailed, but not when you’re distracted.

PS: I went to a live basketball game this week. The one where the Warriors beat the Thunders, after a grueling neck-to-neck game. Here’s the proof:


Movie Tally: 25

A Beautiful Live (Chinese Version, 2011) – This movie is a a bit of a tear jerker. It’s set in modern-day Beijing, and tells the story about a superficial HK girl who’s looking to be a high-end, kept woman but ends up falling in love with a police officer who’s a bit of an everyday guy. In an interesting twist, the guy later learns that he has dementia and the girl who wanted to be taken care of, ends up taking care of the guy. Asked if life is tough? The answer is: When you’re with the person that you love, what do you have to be afraid of?

Hara-kiri: Death of a Samurai – A remake of a classic Japanese revenge movie, this brutal story is told in a series of flashbacks about a samurai who goes to the house of a rich lord and asks to use his courtyard to commit ritual suicide. The movie tells us that most samurais who do this, have no intention of killing themselves. Instead, they hope to get a handout. Unfortunately for one of these samurais, he was made into an example and forced to go through with ceremony even though he only had a bamboo sword (read: it was a very painful death).

The Paperboy – This movie will forever be etched into my memory as the movie where Nicole Kidman peed on Zack Effron’s face. It is also the movie where Nicole Kidman and John Cusack have telepathic sex and climax. Overall, a weird movie that’s part-thriller, part-horror, part-coming of age story. It’s shot in a way that makes it look like an old movie, a nice touch, but overall couldn’t take the weird visuals.

Your Highness – I think Zooey Deschanel said it best in the special features: This is a dirty version of Princess Bride. Another rematch, and while it cracks me up on some scenes, it’s a pretty dirty and gross movie. But what is absolutely amazing is the caliber of some of the actors that they got to do this movie.

The Thieves – Ocean’s 12, this is not. While yes, it is a casino heist movie featuring a team of professional thieves, this is more of a showcase of what happens when teammates don’t trust each other and backstab each other. Overall, it’s an entertaining movie from South Korea that features some Chinese actors. A good popcorn flick.

True Grit – Hailee Steinfield is amazing in this movie, and really carries the movie with her sharp tongue. I am very curious to see how she does in Romeo and Juliet. She plays such a strong character that it’s hard to imagine her as a wispy damsel in distress. This was a rematch and other than Hailee’s performance, I didn’t have much else to add.