We did something rather rare on a weekend. We abandoned our usual sloth-like activities in front of the TV on the living room sofa, and went to the city. The purpose? Some post holiday shopping at my favorite store, Uniqlo. And H&M. Somethings to note about the American version of Uniqlo: (1) Alterations are only free on pants that cost more than $20. (2) If you return something without a receipt, they will only credit you the current amount. This mean if the item you’re trying to return is now on sale, you’ll only get back the sale price, not the original price. Bleeh. (3) They have a horrible system whereby only the manager can put money on a gift card or approve a return. A little inefficient when you have a long line and lots people trying to return things and get store credit. (4) They have a photo booth, which is pretty awesome for customers and rather ingenious for email marketers (as a way to collect email addresses).

Uniqlo Photobooth


Movie Tally: 13

To Rome With Love –  It’s cute love letter to Rome, much like Midnight in Paris was a love letter to Paris. At times, it was little random and confusing, but it’s a typical Woody Allen movie. In a nutshell, the movie follows several different groups of people in Rome and the wacky adventures that they have. My favorite storyline was the one about the newly wed couple who come to Rome to settle down, get separated, somehow end up cheating on each other, reunite and decide the Rome is not for them. My least favorite storyline is the one about the typical Roman man who becomes famous for no reason. That one was just weird and confusing. The story line with Alec Baldwin is quirky, and I can’t help but anticipate Alec Baldwin’s character address the other characters as Lemon. Because I can only think of him as Jack Donoghue from 30 Rock. Overall, I still like Midnight in Paris better.