20130114-213008.jpgA chill has swept over the SF Bay Area. Even with all the windows and shutters locked tight, I feel a draft in my house. Even walking around without being wrapped up in a fleece blanket and socks is uncomfortable. At times, I wish I had a padded cube to sit in like my cat, Dolby (see above), to just sit and be warm.

Why not turn on the heat? Well, seeing as how I am not really sick anymore so I don’t feel as compelled to turn on the heat. We got our most recent bill and while not horrible, it was the highest PG&E bill we’ve seen since moving in. And since I’m off to bed soon, there’s really no need.

Movie Tally: 14

Conan The Barbarian – A classic 80s, macho man movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger is 30+ years younger than he is today. I didn’t notice this when I first watched this sometime in the 90s, but this movie has almost no dialogue. I suspect it was done this way because the lead character didn’t speak very good English at the time. Who would have thought that more than two decades later, he would become the governor of California before making a comeback as an action star today.