Today, for the first time since Christmas Eve, I had an itch to exercise. And so, I ran/walked for 3 miles on a treadmill, and shockingly, it wasn’t that bad. While this may not seem that impressive, keep in mind that I haven’t been to a gym since September and under normal circumstances, I only run to catch the bus.

In other news, we had another round of hotpot. Check out the spread in the pic above.

Movie Tally: 12

Tai Chi 0 – This is a classic story about a martial arts prodigy, who after losing everything, goes to a remote village of Tai Chi masters to learn their art. What isn’t classic is this story were the (1) Scott Pilgrim video game animations to help narrate the story, (2) steam punk bad guys trying to build a railroad through said village, (3) poorly acted love triangle that did not involve the main character, and (4) cursed birthmark on the main character head that when pushed, causes him to turn into a monster of a fighter. As many critics have said before me, this movie can’t decide if it’s trying to be funny or serious, and that was annoying. 

Tai Chi Hero – This is the sequel to Tai Chi 0. Taking a page from LOTR, these two movies where filmed simultaneously but released weeks apart. Yes, you heard that right. Weeks. Not months, or years. And wait, there’s more. This is actually a trilogy, but the third movie won’t be out till 2014. Way to pace out a bad movie series.

Blades of Glory – Another rewatch. It’s an oldie, but a goodie. The untold story about two men’s figure skating rivals forced to team up to become a top pairs team. Not the best, but still a lot of dumb fun. Loved all the cameos and the jabs at what makes figure skating such an awesome, yet sometimes ridiculous, sport to watch.