Since winter came, I’ve been making up a lot of soup. Just boil a pot of water and add whatever ingredients I have in the fridge. Be it miso paste, Chicken stock, rice cake, fish balls, noodles, kimchee, eggs, mushrooms, what have you. Sometimes it comes out great. Sometimes, not so much. Eventually, I come up with a recipe that’s consistent.

Movie Tally: 9

Winter’s Bone – At first the indie (read: low budget) cinematography threw me off. Film sometimes looks like a home movie, but Jennifer Lawrence is really compelling that it makes you forget about it and focus on the story. However, it looks so real like some of those old Chinese movies (like Not One Less) that you start to wonder if these people are actually actors, or locals that the put on camera..because there’s a grittiness and authenticity that really hard to fake.

The Good Doctor – To paraphrase one reviewer, what happened to Orlando Bloom’s career!?! That aside, this was definitely one of his most unique roles. He’s a megalomanic doctor who’s so beat down by this superiors and the rest of the staff that he keeps his patient sick because she’s feeding his ego. Basically, he’s the worst kind of doctor. A doctor who became a doctor for the glory of being a doctor…probably the worst people to be doctors….and unfortunately, these people exist in real life.

Seeking A Friend At The End Of The World – Only thing to really say about this movie is that this was just plain depressing. Steve Carrell and Keira Knightly are an odd pairing, but they are believable in this boy-meets-girl story and end-of-the-world scenario mash up. It does make you think about what you would choose to do if the world was ending. Me? I think I’d like to be at home, and I would most certainly NOT be going into work as some characters did.