Cafe Gratitude

Cafe Gratitude

Driving over to Cafe Gratitude on the way to dinner, I warned everyone that we would be having a cold dinner. You see, this restaurant used to serve only “vegan, raw foods” (which meant nothing was cooked and everything was cold, even the soup). But to my pleasant surprise, Cafe Gratitude got a stove and oven and became a vegan restaurant that served cooked food. The verdict: probably the best brown rice I’ve ever had. They actually cook it long enough that it taste more like real rice, and less like cardboard. It was also the reason why I go to so full from so a meatless curry. And if you’re into Yelp reviews (read here): the verdict there is that you’ll either love it, or hate it.

Movie Tally: 6

Jackie Brown – Another typical Quentin Tarantino. Smartly written, non-linear story line, tons of scenes with random, nonsense chatter, and really random acts of violence. Overall, I liked it and wish I could be clever as Jackie Brown in how she pretty much walked away with a half a million dollars. Oh, and the other thing I learned. Spike Lee has been complaining about Tarantino’s excessive use of the “N” word since this movie (and probably before). It didn’t start with “Django Unchained” … awkward.

Sherlock Homes 2: A Game of Shadows – The movie where Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law bicker like an old married couple again, and (spoilers ahead) where Rachel McAdams gets killed in the first 15 minutes and original “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” plays a French Gypsy. I didn’t like as much as the first one, but it’s a good popcorn. This was a re-watch.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – I still have yet to watch the original Swedish film, but one day when I feel like reading subtitles, I will. This is another re-watch. It’s smart but disturbing none-the-less. We watched a lot of the special features and it’s kind of annoying how Rooney Mara pretty much assumes Lisbeth’s identity in real life. Like…yea, I’m totally a really punk rocker chick now because I played one in a movie and I totally identify with her and this is really me. Ugh.