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It’s the first day of 2013 and I am still sick. So I spent most of my holiday sleeping, staying warm and eating more hotpot. I’ll soon be taking down my Christmas decorations, but for memories-sake, here’s a snapshot of our first Christmas tree. As I told my mom (who gave it to me), it wasn’t quite what I was expecting when she told me she had an extra fake tree to give me…but I like it.


One thing that I’m going to try to keep up with is tallying the number of movies that we watch this year. No real reason, just curious to see how many we actually watch in 365 days. And if I’m up for it, I’ll also be writing up super-short reviews.

Movie Tally: 2

Safe – To quote The Atlantic review: “What’s the point of having your main character be an MMA fighter if he’s going to rely so much on a gun?” Also, Hollywood really needs to stop using non-native Mandarin speakers to play mainlanders in movies. ‘Cause it’s really hard to fake it or learn the correct accent.

The Way Back – Interesting to see all these British actors play Eastern Europeans. I wonder if real Russians and Pols cringe the way I cringe when ABCs try to play mainlanders. Overall, this movie is pretty good, but makes you feel tired watching the characters walk through Siberia, then through Mongolia and then to India.