2012 Movie Poster | Via Atlantic Wire

So much for that end of the year apocalypse we kept hearing about. Anyways, after setting my 2012 goals, I don’t think I really looked at them again till today. Here’s how I did on each.

  • Keep myself accountable – At work, there’s a big emphasis on setting goals, tracking how you did and evaluating what was winning and what was an epic failure. I think that in order to be more successful this year, I’m just going to have to take work home and make myself more accountable and keep better tabs on how I’m doing outside of work. Metric: Write 1 blog post x month to evaluate how I’m doing on each of these goals.Major FAIL. Not only did I not blog about keeping up with my goals once, I don’t think I’ve really looked at this list since writing it this time last year. Ugh.
  • Live long and thrive – I don’t have a big event (like a wedding) that I need to look good for; however, my sloth-like ways have got to stop. I probably won’t undergo another round of the South Beach diet, but I do want to make a concerted effort to improve my health and fitness. Where I’ll be living soon is a little gym. My goal is to go almost every day and do something for more than 15 minutes. (Don’t worry, I figure out a more structured workout plan for but for now, this is my goal….just get out of the house). Metric: Do some form of physical activity (walking to work/home and from the bus/train does not count) for at least an hour, 3 x week.Kept up with doing yoga once a week until I was completely derailed in October. Long story short, I would not be surprised if I am heavier today then I was this time last year. This needs to change, but unfortunately, the minute I started thinking about getting back into shape, a real nasty cold would derail me this holiday season. Better luck next year I suppose. 
  • Budget like a rock star – In case you haven’t heard, I have a mortgage now. This means that DL and I really need to get our finances in tip-top shape. I’m going to track every expense and every penny saved starting January 1 once I get my Excel spreadsheet back into shape. Metric: Update my spreadsheet daily. Success will be measured by not having to back track and figure out what I spent/saved in previous months.The good news is that I have adopted a system, but that system is not a self-input spreadsheet. Instead, I caved and have started to use Mint. It’s still not completely setup as it should be, so it’s not an optimal system, but at least DL and are on starting to budget and manage our money better.
  • Organize & clean – Now that we have a house, DL and I have more space but that means we need to really make an effort to keep it clean and organized. Metric: Clean my house 1 x week; Success will be measured by how clean my house is.My home is spotless right now (but that’s cause I had company over for New Year’s Eve and did some major clean up work on Sunday). We do make an effort to clean, but it’s not regular by any means and that’s a problem.
  • Organize and scan photos – I need to pick up where I left off last year and organize all my family photos digitally. Metric: I have no idea how many photos I have in boxes, but the goal is to have everything scanned and sorted by the end of 2012. An added bonus will be creating our wedding and engagement photo books and sending out photo holiday cards.Another Major FAIL. I am almost done making a photo book with our wedding photos but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten. I’ve still got a long ways to go to get this project done.
  • Read more – I’m still not an avid reader, but think there are definite a good list of 30 book that I should read in the next two years. Metric: Read and finish 1 new book every two months.Another Major FAIL. I think I need to just come to grips with the fact that I am not, and haven’t been since I was a kid, an avid reader. 
  • Make more – Maybe with a new house, I will make time to take craft. I miss this old hobby of mine but finding time to finish unfinished projects is tough. I need to figure this one out and get out of my rut. Metric: It doesn’t matter what I make, but I want to make finish 1 project a month and blog about it.I’ve been working on this one knit/crochet pouf for months, and it make take me many more months to come. And it’s not because it’s me being lazy, this thing is just taking a really long time to finish. Ugh.
  • Work Smarter – A few weeks ago, I did an exercise at work where I pretty much told my life story to my co-workers. After listening to my story, my boss pointed something out…something that I know to be true but haven’t really addressed in a big way. I have a long history of going hung ho with school or work and then burning out (usually within a 1-2 years). This usually manifests itself in sloppy mistakes, lack of motivation and a lot of naps. I need to curb this patter by having better balance in my life and working smarter, not harder. Metric: This goal is hard to measure so I’ll just have to evaluate based on how I’m feeling about work and life each month. If I am lethargic at home, it’s a bad sign. If I am suddenly a ray of sunshine everywhere I go, then I must be doing something right.I think this is a goal that I’m meeting. While not a perfect system, I do believe that I have better balance between work and home than I’ve had in a long time. It’s not where it should be but I’m heading in a good direction. 
  • Travel – I am not getting any younger and there are a number of not-places-where-you-want-to-travel-with-kids that are on my travel bucket list. Now that I have unlimited PTO (with manager okay), I want to take advantage and do some much-needed traveling. Metric: Cross off at least two locations from my travel bucket list this year.Check, check, check. We took a two week road trip from Key West to Boston and it was AWESOME. We also made a trip to China where we visited Shanghai and Beijing. I’ve been to both places before but this trip was GREAT because we actually got to really travel the way we like to travel, and because I took my first long distance trip on a bullet train.
  • Learn A New Skill – I’ve been toying with a number of things that I want to learn/relearn – whether it’s a new language, musical instrument, dance or combat – this is the year that I want to make this happen. Metric: Cross off at least one accomplishment or language from my bucket list.This wasn’t on my list, but I have officially learned (due to necessity) enough basic skills on Photoshop and Illustrator to make pretty pictures and fix bad ones. I’m no expert, but it’s more than what most people know how to do. 
  • Cook More – I am by no means a great cook. Most of the food that I make is hit or miss, but what I would like to do is learn a few new recipes this year.Metric: One of DL’s and my favorite restaurants is Thomas Keller’s AdHoc in Yountville, CA. My cousin gave us the official cookbook (along with the official French Laundry cookbook in a set). We’re going to try and make everything in this book by the end of the year and blog about it. Yea, yea, I know. I’m taking a page from Julie & Julia…so what.Check, check, check, check. While the only thing I learned from Thomas Keller was how to fry chicken, this was damn good chicken. I also started to bake and made many poppers, waffles, pancakes, muffins, pies and rolls from stretch. I’ve also perfected a recipe for roast chicken and a special homemade chicken soup. 
  • Have a Last Harrah– DL and I plan to start a family one day but not today. It is my hope that we’ll live a little more before we really seattle down.Metric: Complete 50% of this popular bucket list (70 things to do before you have kids) and 50% of this SF specific list (7×7’s 100 things to do in SF before you die).Pretty close on one, not really on the other. Completed 44% of Marc and Angels’ list of 70 things to do before having kids, though some of the items checked were not exact but pretty close. Completed just 10% of the 100 things to do in SF before you die. What can I say, it’s hard to go into the city when all you want to do is stay in on the weekends.