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Tomorrow, we leave for our first big vacation since our honeymoon last year. I can stress enough how badly I need this and have been waiting to take off and get away from it all. So while I’m packing up 2-weeks worth of stuff, I thought it would be fun to do a countdown in pictures of all the things I hope we see, do and eat during this trip.

#24 – First, we’re going to kick things off by driving off into the ocean….at least that’s what it looks like from this picture.

#23 – Aaah..then we’re heading down to Key Largo to check out the underwater state park and gaze down at the Christ of the Abyss.

#22 – After we’ve had our fun in the water, we’re going to soak up the sun on Miami Beach (well, for us with skin-that-doesn’t-tan-just-burns, that’s means soaking up the sun from under an umbrella).

#21 – Hogwarts (er…Orlando), here we come. That Butter Beer I heard so much about better be good.

#20 – Going to try our luck at staying forever young by drinking (or wading) in the fountain of youth. It’s real, didn’t you know?

#19 – Mmmm. Real soul food in Savannah. So good that even the President made a stop at Mrs. Wilkes Dinning Room.

#18 – Though I’m not sure of the difference from soul food, low country food is a must try. I hear the shrimp and grits are delicious!

#17 – Heading up to the mountains to check out District 12 (aka the filming location of The Hunger Games) in Ashville, NC. Oh, I hear there’s a huge estate called the Biltmore that’s not to be missed but it costs $60+ per person to get in.

#16 – And apparently, no trip to North Carolina is complete without trying the regional BBQ which from what I hear is basically pulled pork and vinegar.

#15 – The next stop will be a trip back in time. I’ve been wanting to go to Colonial Williamsburg since I learned about it through American Girls (the magazine that went along with the collection of $100 historical dolls).

#14 – Afterwards, we’re heading to the capital. We were rejected for the White House tour (boo!…but I think it has to do more with the fact that we didn’t make the request 6 months in advance) but at least we’ll see good friends on this leg of the trip.

#13 – Good morning Baltimore! Hm…..crab cakes….can’t wait!

#14 – We should be here for the Philly Cheese Steak, but I think we’ll have more fun running up the steps like a couple of stupid tourists pretending to be Rocky.

#13 – We’ve been spending most of our lives, living in an Amish paradise. I hear these folks live not too far outside of Philly.

#12 – I hear this place is as rundown as Reno and doesn’t compare to Las Vegas, but I still want to go because of Boardwalk Empire. The boardwalk looks cool in a rustic sort of way.

#11 – Mark Twain’s house is somewhere in CT. Maybe we can stop by.

#10 – In Boston, I think it would be neat to dine at the oldest restaurant in the United States. What’s cool is that this is the original building. But what will make this stop especially awesome is the fact that we’ll be in good company 🙂

#9 – I never applied to any East Coast schools. Maybe a tour of Harvard will make me regret my decision to stay on the West (er…Best) Coast..but I have a feeling that the weather alone will confirm that I made the right choice.

#8 – Don’t know where, but somehow, someway I am going to make a trip to see what all the fuss is about this grocery store. True story: I watched a grown man gush like a teenage girl over the fond memories of this place.

#7 – I didn’t realize that this was an actual fast food joint when the first Harold & Kumar movie came out. Then they started selling frozen sliders at Safeway. I need to go to the real thing to figure out what why anyone would go through so much trouble for a mini burger.

#6 – Last time I was in New York as a tourist, I FAILED miserably to make it to the Cloisters (a separate part of The Met that’s located in the Bronx). Hopefully, this time around, I finally get to see the Unicorn tapestries.

#5 – I’ve been here before for work, but would be nice to check out the studio as a tourist as opposed to rushing to/from a meeting in this building.

#4 – My cousin won’t stop talking about how good the pastrami is here. All I have to say is that this deli better live up to the hype.

#3 – While it’s impossible to get tickets for Book of Mormon, hopefully there’s something else that we can catch while we’re here. I’ll leave it up to the TKTS Booth to decide.

#2 – Somewhere outside of New York is a magical place called “Spa Castle“….just thinking about it makes me go “Aaahhh”

#1 – I have a lot of love for this store and I grieve over the fact that there is only one location in the U.S.