The last big vacation that DL and I took was our honeymoon: a one week trip to Maui, followed by a few days in SoCal. It’s been almost a year since that trip and now I am itching to pack up and travel.

I had hoped to make 2012 the year that I finally see as much of Europe that I possibly can in a single trip, but a technical difficulty around visa has put that trip on hold for now. This year, we’re staying domestic and taking a road trip!

Now, there are many routes that you can take when exploring the continental United States, and the top 4 road trips according to Fordor’s are: (1) Route 66 from LA to Chicago, (2) Pacific Coast Highway from Seattle to San Diego, (3) Great River Road from Northern Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico and (4) Route 1 from Key West to Maine.

Living on the West Coast, we decided to go with option #4 and explore the East Coast, though instead of taking Route 1 we’ll probably stay mostly on I-95 from Key West to Boston, with a few detours here and there.

So, when are we leaving? In approximately three weeks. Got everything planned? Not really. You see, we’re going to try our best to do a “true” road trip and not book anything. That said, I do have a plan, ’cause with such a limited time in each location, it’ll probably be a good idea to have an idea about the places that we want to hit up on this trip.