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Since 2009, I’ve been keeping a New Years tradition on this blog where I set goals for the upcoming year and evaluate how I did on last year’s goals. I also make the length of the list match the year (e.g., 11 goals for 2011)…which at some point is probably not a good idea, but for now, what the heck.

So how did I do in 2011? Some goals were met (major wins), some were not (epic failures) and with some, I made a real effort in the beginning but blotched it in the end (nice try). And in case you forgot, here are the goals I set last year.

If I were to pick a theme for the next year — something that I need to keep in mind and  work on constantly, it would be to “follow through.” There were way too many unmet goals and unfinished projects from this past year…though I will say the most important ones were met 🙂

  1. Become a better blogger – (nice try) I did a good job of blogging frequently about wedding planning in the beginning but let’s just say I got derailed by higher priorities (e.g., the new job, blogging for work and actually planning the wedding). I can honestly say that as much as I would like to have shared all the details of my wedding in real time, I choose sleep and TV over blogging more often than I would like to admit.
  2. Live long and thrive – (nice try) I didn’t drop any more weight like I was planning to do at the beginning of 2011, but I did manage to keep the weight I lost in 2010 off until after the wedding. As for what happened after the wedding, let’s just say, I feel like I have traveled back in time to pre-weight loss 2010.
  3. A pirate’s life for me – (epic failure) Instead of rebuilding my music collection, I have a great talent for erasing whatever I have by accident. I think for 2012, I’m going to change this to steal whatever DL has and use Pandora.
  4. Budget like a rock star – (nice try) Since January 1, I did a good job of tracking every expense and every penny that I saved on Excel…but what I didn’t account for was the monkey wrench that combining my finances with DL’s would cause (not to mention the lack of time as the wedding crept up). I’m still working through the kinks but actually keeping this resolution next year will be super important since DL and I have some major bills to pay now.
  5. Organize & clean – (epic failure) Our room is still messy and somehow we are okay with it. I know the cats enjoy it but things are going to change soon….no more living with unfinished laundry, paper vomit and dust/hair.
  6. Project photo sort – (nice try) DL and I made a photo slide show for the wedding and we sorted through a bunch of photos (I even made a nice photo book for our parents) but is this project far from done….not by a long shot!
  7. Read more – (epic failure) I’m still not an avid reader who prefers to turn to Google News and Wikipedia for almost everything. Though I will say, that I am reading more magazines these days.
  8. Make more – (nice try) What I learned is that DL is more crafty than I thought and that I have AWESOME friends and family. For the wedding, we made favor boxes, getaway car decorations, invitations and table cards. Everything turned out great thanks to them 🙂
  9. Kick ass and take names – (major win) If I did anything right in 2011, it was kicking ass at my new job. I’ve surpassed all my expectations about what I can do and as icing on this cake, I was promoted last month.
  10. Get Married  (major win) I got married to my best friend and planned a super kick-ass wedding that super organized and somewhat within budget.
  11. Travel –(nice try/epic fail) I’m on the fence between calling this a “nice try” or an “epic fail” because we did not go anywhere on my travel bucket list. We went to Hawaii (how original, right?) — though technically, I’ve never been to Maui…just Oahu and DL’s never been. It wasn’t as exotic as I would have hoped, nor was it place that I was dying to go….but our honeymoon was pretty fantastic. The most memorable things we did were: (1) waking up at 2AM to drive up a dead volcano and watch the sun rise, (2) go snorkeling in the ocean, (3) go on a random road trip to Maui’s cowboy country and rainforest.