Happy lunar new year everyone. It’s the year of the bunny in case you couldn’t tell.

To kick it off right, I’d like to tell you a tragic story of utter disappointment from my childhood. Growing up, I had a strange obsession with rabbits. I desperately wanted one as a pet and my mom made me wait until I was ten before I could get one. So while I was waiting for my future fuzzy pet, I asked my mom one day (was probably 7 years old or so, maybe younger) what my Chinese zodiac was.

For some reason, my mom didn’t know off the top of her head and for some reason, she told me that she thought it was the year of the rabbit. Needless to say, I was SUPER excited when I found out. Overjoyed does not even begin to describe how I felt. Unfortunately, she spoke to soon. Once she looked it up on a Chinese calendar (remember people, this was during the dark ages before the Internet was here to give us the answer to every minute question we have), she realized her mistake. Oops. You’re actually born in the year of the pig.


That was the sound of me being utterly crushed. A pig? Really? Could there be a less attractive animal sign to be born under? After theĀ initial shock, whining and complaining and a tiny tear followed.

Today, I’ve come to terms with being a piggy; however, I still can’t say being born in the year of the pig is awesome. Fortunately, I’m marrying a fellow piggy so we’re in the same boat together.