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robots <3 cake!
[Flickr | cplbasilisk]

My cousin married her Texan prince charming this weekend and now they’re off on their Hawaiian honeymoon. Overall, it was a lovely wedding with an awesome cake topper (see above). Why robots?

Well, about a month ago, we (as in me and my cousin’s sister, both of us part of her team of bridesmaids) held her bridal shower at my house. The night before, I tried to wrap the present from me and my mom – a convection oven and a blender – in bright blue turquoise paper. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough paper so there were gaping, ugly bald spots on both boxes. So I came up with a genius idea to stack both boxes on top of each other to hide my bad wrapping job. With the convection oven on the bottom and the blender on the top, I couldn’t help but notice that this looked like the body of a robot. In my delusional state of mind, I decided to enlist my artist brother, DL and my cousin’s sister (also my cousin) to draw a face on it. One thing lead to another and before I knew it, we created….

LUVBOT Champion

I was SO excited to see our creation make another appearance at the wedding. Whoever re-made him and his missus as a cake topper is a genius!

Other notable parts of the wedding were the GAMES. This is the part where I went rogue, stole the mic and embarrassed the happy couple in front of everyone they know. Don’t worry, I was nice and avoided theslightly inappropriate games with sexual inuendos…..hopefully, my bridesmaids will be kind and do the same for me & DL…*HINT*HINT*