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Overall, 2010 was a gosh darn good year and I sure hope 2011 will be even better. To kick off the new year, here’s a quick recap of the 10 goals I set this time last year.

  1. Become a better blogger [In-progress] – While the number of posts that I’ve managed to write this year has increased, the frequency between posts could be better. As such, I’m going to keep working on this next year.
  2. Live long and thrive [In-progress] – While I did lose some weight thanks to the South Beach diet and made a few more trips to the gym this year, the amount of effort that I put into fitness and nutrition could be much better…especially since my wedding is coming up in a few months. So again, this will stay on my list of goals.
  3. A pirate’s life for me [In-progress] – To be honest, I can’t say this line item has much of a priority for me. As much as I would like to have a better music collection on my iPhone, I just don’t see this happening any time soon. In any case, it won’t hurt to keep this on my list for 2011.
  4. Budget like a rock star [In-progress] – I’ve fine tuned my budgeting/personal finance spreadsheet on Excel, but keeping it up to date and accurate hasn’t been my strong point this year. That said, it’s going to be key that I make this a priority once I add DL into the financial equation next year.
  5. Become an early riser [DONE] – While my sleeping habits have mutated (e.g., if I’m tired at 10PM then my body shuts down and I take a 5 hour nap before waking up at 3AM to take care of my hygiene and go back to bed), I can say that I can and will wake up at 6AM when I need to. In any case, I know work at a company that doesn’t require me to be at my desk ready to work at 8:30 AM, so the urgency to move quickly in the morning has lessened.
  6. Organize [In-progress] – This sounds like a pipe dream than an achievable reality right now. While I’ve been pretty organized in planning my wedding, the same can not be (nor has it ever been) said about keep my room clean. So here’s to working on this next year.
  7. To Do Lists [DONE]It took me a while, but I think I got my groove back. Now I’m a to-do listing making machine (in moderation, of course). This has been a more recent development, but so far, so good. Side Note: paper continues to be my medium of choice despite all the electronics and Web 2.0 tools I have at my disposal for making lists.
  8. Project Photo Sort [In-progress] – DL bought a new scanner today. From now until the wedding, sorting 27 plus years of photos and scanning them will be a our couple’s project (besides the wedding that is). Woo-hoo…I hope.
  9. Move Upwards [DONE] In lieu of moving up within my previous company, I’ve actually moved on and upwards to a new position at a new company. So far, it’s been a good move. Let’s hope that stays that way through and beyond 2011.
  10. Move Forward [DONE]  DL and I got engaged and have been in full wedding planning mode since. So far, things have definitely been moving forward in a good direction.