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I started recapping our adventures in vendor searching last month, but due to unforeseen opportunities, writing for the wedding blog was put on the back burner. Now that I have some free time to blog, I really don’t have anymore excuses for slacking so here goes….

Almost immediately after booking our venues, the next priority on my wedding to-do list was to find the pros we needed to capture all of the memories: (1) Photographer, (2) Videographer and (3) Photobooth Company.

Truth be told, I am probably one of the worst photographers you’ll ever meet. I have a standard-issue point and shoot and a camera phone. Between the two, I probably take more photos on my iPhone (which is few and far in itself), just because it’s in my hand than I do with the actual camera with flash and stabilizer. My philosophy is as follows: someone else has a camera, so I’ll just get a copy from him/her…as in I’ll check it out later on Facebook. Speaking of which, I’m absolutely horrible at sharing photos online. I have no excuse, I’m just too lazy to download most of them off my camera to begin with. But above all these photography offenses, I’m at my worst when it comes to putting printed photos into frames. Believe it or not, I have many frames in my room that feature the “photo” that came with it…many of which have been that way for years. There was a close-up shot of annoyingly cheesy blonde woman. After about two years or so, I finally flipped the image so that I wouldn’t have to look at her ugly mug. One day….I hope to put our photos into these frames.

So why the back story? Well, I just find it ironic that I (of all people) felt absolutely compelled to invest in the best pros that we could find/afford: Blueberry Photography, Rootbound Productions and OhSnap! Box. Call me crazy, but I have a tiny little hunch that it’ll be well worth it.