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Remember that engagement ring from Tiffany’s that I fell in love with at first sight on page 280 in the Winter 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings? The one I searched tirelessly for to no avail (see here). The one I decided to “recreate” with the help of a great local SF jeweler (see here, here, here and here).

Well….10 months after being struck by cupid’s arrow, this figment-of-my-imagination e-ring has finally decided to show its lovely face. The Tiffany’s sales rep that helped me many, many months before emailed me this past weekend to tell me that she has six units (ranging from a 0.33 to a 1.39 carat diamond) in her store.

Holy Toledo, Batman! It’s really real and here it is (the one on the bottom):

For those of you at home who are also looking for this ring (and I know a lot of you are because “cushion cut diamond” and “split shank ring” come up quite often as search terms and this post has been pretty popular), here’s how you can find it (as of today, 9/28).

  1. Call Tiffany’s customer service line at 800-843-3269
  2. Ask the sales rep to tell you which store nearest you carries the “Split Shank Lucida” ring setting
  3. Then go to that store and check it out
  4. Don’t bother trying to search for it online – it’s not there, I just checked

*Sigh* Even though we’ve already purchased an engagement ring that I still do adore (and have no intention of replacing), this ring still takes my breath away. At some point, I’m going to make time to go over to Tiffany’s and see if this elusive ring has the same effect on me as the magazine photo.