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In my head, I told myself this: “If we’re not going to be outside when I walk down the aisle, then we’d had better lay some ground rules for picking an indoor ceremony venue.” So here you go, here are my three NOs?

  1. No Chain/Large Hotels – Not that there’s anything wrong with a hotel wedding, I just don’t want to look back in 10 years and say, “you see kids, that’s the Holiday Inn where mommy and daddy got married.” Plus, most hotels make you buy food, which wasn’t going to happen since we had already booked a Chinese restaurant for dinner.
  2. No Churches, Chapels, Temples or Mosques – I may have attended Catholic school for 19 years, but I’m not Catholic (or a member of any other organized religion) and neither is DL. Call me crazy, but it just wouldn’t feel right to have a religious ceremony when we’re not religious. Though I must say, there are many beautiful churches in the SF Bay Area such as Grace Cathedral, Saint  Ignatius Church and the Stanford Memorial Church.
  3. No Casinos – You could say this falls under hotels, but basically, this was me saying “no” to having a Las Vegas or Reno wedding. Aside from the Bellagio and Wynn casinos & hotels in Las Vegas, I personally wouldn’t want to get married at an adult theme park (e.g., Ancient Egypt at Luxor, Ancient Rome at Ceasers Palace, Imaginary France at Paris, Renaissance Italy at The Venetian or the circus at Circus Circus).

Loosely following the theory of Occam’s Razor (whereby we arrive at a solution by shaving away unnecessary assumptions), let’s stop talking about what we didn’t want and narrow down what we did want:

  1. Historically Interesting
  2. Aesthetically Pleasing for Photos
  3. Capacity for 250 People
  4. Reasonably Within Budget

Next, rather than listing out each and every indoor venue that we considered with these criterion, I’m just going to talk about our two runner ups: (1) Berkeley City Club and (2) the Green Room at the SF War Memorial & Arts Performance Center. To be continued…….