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[Etsy Find of the Week: Maupromo]

Maybe I’m just a sucker for stickers, but aren’t these designs super cute?! I learned about Maupromo through my cousin who had some custom sticker made and used them as envelope seals for her Chinese invitations and as decorations for her favors. Such a cute idea – take that boring monograms and generic hearts!

Blog Posts Backlog: So I’m still working on this. What can I say, slow and steady wins the race. In other words, I still have four more blog posts that I need to write before I can move on. So here goes:

  • Are You My Venue? This is 100 percent finalized. Now all I got to do is tell you the story about how we picked our Chinese restaurant and ceremony venue.
  • Say Yes To The Dress, Say No To The Show! While I haven’t gone dress shopping since that one time I went, I have however been “yelled” at for not giving people a heads up about going dress shopping and have also been getting a lot of sales calls from wedding dress shop. Oy!
  • Assembling My Team. Just waiting for one more photo for this story to be complete. Bwhahaha….what? Don’t look at me like I’m a weird one. You’ll get it once I post it.
  • E-Party Part 2. Wait till you see the invitations for my cousin’s engagement party. They’re super cute….and based on the theme of my cousin going from city girl to a bona-fide cowgirl.