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[Etsy Find of the Week: The Angry Robot]

Call me crazy, but I think it would be awesome to make some custom 1-inch buttons and give them out as wedding favors. They would look especially cute on an escort card. I can see it now….little buttons with our favorite catchphrases, icons and labels for our guess to pick sides – Team Daisy or Team DL.

Disclaimer: I’m calling dibs on this idea. To my engaged cousins and friends, this means you – I’ve got my eye on you. Everyone else, you’re welcome.  J/K.

Folks, since it’s 2 a.m. my time, I’m going to have to skip my usual list of freebies and DIY ideas this week. We picked up the Canadians (i.e., my relatives) from the airport and are preparing for Get Fat Fest 2010. Starting yesterday, I’ll be gaining 10 pounds to my frame as I stuff my face at family dinner after family dinner. The grand finale of course, will be the buffet line at my “e” party this Saturday.