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Some of my relatives from the North Country (e.g., Canada) are visiting next month, so we decided to hold our engagement party on May 2.  Too bad, that gave us less than a month to plan and execute this lil’ shin dig. Fortunately, my mom is practically a professional event planner. In fact, she has so many heated party trays, stacks of disposable plates & cutlery, large serving platters that there’s a running joke where she and I give my cousin a hard sell about booking my house as her wedding venue – but that’s its own funny story.

In short, this little “E” party of ours is turning into a dry run for the actual wedding. Don’t believe me? Here’s a quick run down on all the required elements (along with their status):

  • Making a guest list & gathering addresses – CHECK
  • Designing & printing invitations – CHECK
  • Assembling & mailing out invitations – CHECK
  • Ordering a cake – CHECK
  • Ordering Chinese food (including a whole roasted pig) – IN PROGRESS
  • Ordering Non-Chinese food – IN PROGRESS
  • Buying decorations – IN PROGRESS
  • Figuring out what to wear – IN PROGRESS
  • Figure out the play list – IN PROGRESS

To describe what I envision this party to be like, it’s going to be more than a your run-of-the-mill birthday party but not quite a wedding. I guess you could say, it’s going to be just like the My Super Sweet 16th birthday party that I never had. Ooooh, I can see it now. The fireworks, musical guests, I-can’t-dance-but-I’m-gonna-take-lessons-just-to-show-off-anyways dance number and don’t forget about the car that’s worth its weight in gold…..or not.