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DSC08944[Me and Rafi at Chabos Jewelry]

Hello, my name is Goldilocks and here’s story on how we finally made my engagement ring fit just right. It all began when I got my ring sized. My left hand ring finger was measured to be a size 5 (note the heavy emphasize on the “was”). It was a hard truth to swallow, but I soon learned – about two to three weeks later – that my finger is not even remotely close to a size 5.

  • Attempt #1: Rafi presents me with the final ring. It looks beautiful, everything that I could have ever hoped for and wanted. I try to slip it on and the ring won’t go past my knuckle. “W.T.H.,” I think to myself. Rafi takes the ring to the back room to resize it right away, but before he does, we double check my finger size. As if by some strange miracle, my finger fits just fine into the size 5 on the ring sizer. In other words, I really was a size five and this was not a clerical error. Regardless, the ring is resized to a 5.25.
  • Attempt #2: Rafi presents me with the resized ring. In my excitement, I put it on and force it past my knuckle. Big mistake. At this point, I can feel my finger lose its circulation fast. Rafi manages to pull the ring off my finger, but it’s clear that my finger is now swollen…skewing the sizing process. Nevertheless, since my finger is obviously not a 5.25, Rafi resizes it again. This time, it becomes a 5.50.
  • Attempt #3: My finger is swollen and it’s clear that the ring won’t fit regardless of the size. At first, Rafi and Luba recommend for me wait a couple of hours until my finger goes back to normal before trying the ring again. I have the sad look of disappointment on my face because I can’t wear it right away and there’s still the risk that the ring won’t fit. Because they felt bad, Rafi gave me an ice pack. Once the swelling went down, I try on the ring. It fits, but my finger looks horribly fat, like a sausage tied with a rubber band. “Is it suppose to look this tight?” I ask. Rafi takes one look and says “no” and then proceeds to resize it yet again, only this time to a whopping size 6.
  • Attempt #4: Alleluia! By golly, it finally fits. Special thanks to DL for sitting through this whole ordeal without complaining.