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When it comes to making decisions (especially if it’s related to shopping), I am a pretty indecisive person. I can spend hours upon hours, even months upon month, looking at an item and cross referencing other items before I begrudging decide to buy or not. That is until I see something that I like…at that point, I just go for it. No questions asked.

For the past few months, I’ve been looking for something that sparkles. My research materials: the Internet and stacks upon stacks of magazines that cater to that once in a life time day in a girl’s life.

From the get go, I knew I wanted a cushion cut center stone. Why?

  • There’s a reason why it has a classic/vintage look. Cushion cuts were the ‘IT’ look for jewelery during the late 1800s and early 1900s. In fact, many antique gems used this cut, including the infamous Hope Diamond.
  • According to The Diamond Buying Guide, cushion cuts have a “marvelously romantic and classic look and definite stands out from the crowd of round brilliants” even though it’s not as “fiery or brilliant as many of the newer cuts.”
  • While cushion cuts are growing in popularity these days, they are still a relatively rare to find as compared to rounds or princess cuts. In other words, I ain’t looking for no cookie cutter ring.

As for the setting, that little beauty that you see up above had me at “hello” ….

Unfortunately for me, this freakin’ ring has been nothing more than a figment of my imagination. If anyone else saw this on page 280 of the winter 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Wedding and tried to find it, you’ll understand my pain. Where do I even begin?

  • You may not recognize it, but this ring is made by Tiffany’s. Too bad, it’s NO WHERE to be found at www.tiffany.com (as of 2/3/10). What gives?
  • In the magazine article, there was a customer service number in the caption for this ring. I called it and surprise, surprise, the customer service rep had no idea that this ring even existed! She had to put me on hold and ping her co-workers/managers to find out.
  • I was then connected to diamond specialist who told me that this ring is a new style that has yet to be made available on the Web site. However, she did find some units in the brick-and-mortar stores near me.
  • While I should have made an appointment to go see these units like she recommended, I just wasn’t ready to commit to a date at the time. Instead, I decided to walk in one day. Ironically enough, this ring was not there. On top of that, the sales rep I spoke with said that their store has never received any units of this ring.
  • While I was starting to think that this ring was just a dream, the sales rep did assure me that it would be available eventually this year…too bad she didn’t have a ballpark release date.
  • I left my email address with the sales rep, but almost a month later, there has still been no signs of this ring. So what’s my next move?

It may be time to move on and find a jeweler who can re-create this ring for me or build me something that comes pretty darn close. While of course, it might not have the same level of quality control, this option may actually be easier on my budget.

Side Note: While it has been a bit frustrating trying to track down this ring. I must say that Tiffany has really good customer services and super nice sales reps. All very helpful even though they had no clue about what I was talking about most of the time. Just negative points to the PR team for jumping the gun on getting coverage for a “non-existent” ring.