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You know the old saying, “always a bridesmaid, never a bride”? Well, for me, that idiom is better expressed as “always on guest book duty/cake distributer/assistant to the MOH, never a bridesmaid”….that is until now.

While I am still waiting for my official invitation, I am excited to say that I’ll be part of my cousin’s wedding party. Yeah! Let’s hear it for identical dresses that match the decor! As an added plus, I am especially looking forward to planning her reception games (i.e., a Chinese tradition whereby the bridesmaids and groomsmen humiliate the bride and groom by making them play ridiculous, semi-inappropriate games with sexual innuendos in front of their closest family and friends.)

As a side note, what this also means is that I will now be able to blog about wedding stuff without feeling somewhat awkward since I myself am not engaged….yet….dun, dun, dun….to be continued.