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After recapping the results of my 9 goals for 2009, it’s time for me to set some new goals for the new year. The first seven are repeats from last year – the ones that are still in-progress. The remaining three are new goals.

  1. Become a better blogger – Whether or not I make time for blogging every day largely depends on my mood and energy level at the end of the day. As such, I think it’s more realistic that I make time for myself to blog at least once a week. Ideally, I would like to increase the number of posts that I write each month and increase my readership so that I can really call myself a real blogger.
  2. Live long and thrive – Yes, I have an incredibly cheap membership to 24 hour fitness, but no need to waste it. I need to make a conscious effort to go to the gym more often, like once a week or more. Likewise, I need to change my eating habits as well – right now there’s a little too much snacking and junk food when I’m feeling lazy.
  3. A pirate’s life for me – Rebuilding a decent music collection on my iPhone isn’t a high priority for me, but if I can spend some time on this, it would be nice to listen to music without ads (Pandora) or a song limit (De Do Music).
  4. Budget like a rock star – I created a budgeting/personal finance spreadsheet on Excel (which I am still fine tuning) last year. The hard part now is updating it on a regular basis. I need to set a time for me to make updates each week so that I can manage my money and spending habits like a hawk.
  5. Become an early riser – Maybe I can set an example this weekend and go to bed early tonight and wake up early. It would be nice if I can learn to sleep at 10PM and wake up at 6AM to get eight hours of sleep. Ideally, it would be great this leads to me making time to working out in the morning before work. Problem is, I am such a night owl that this is sounding more and more like a pipe dream to me.
  6. Organize – I wonder if it would help me to create a monthly schedule for myself to do laundry, vacuum, scrub down the bathroom and scoop the litter box. At least then I wouldn’t feel like live in a garbage dump sometimes. Another thing that I would like to do is take inventory of my stuff so that I know what I have and don’t have.
  7. To Do Lists – I could put this under “organize” but I feel like this is such a problem area that it deserves its own bullet. I used to make to do lists for myself while I was at school, but since I started working, I only make a list for work tasks. Everything else is a bullet in my head that may or may not be remembered. I guess what I need to do is combine my work list with my home list so that everything is kept in one place. I think it’s clear to me that I need to do this on paper and that my iPhone isn’t going to work (even though there are many apps that could help).
  8. Project Photo Sort – I’m embarrassed to say this, but I have a number of picture frames with the “photo” that come with the frame still in them. This wouldn’t be such an issue if it hasn’t been almost two years since I got those frames. As such, I really need to spend some time to sort my pictures and print the ones that I want to frame. I would also like to scan my old photos and keep them in a safe place digitally.
  9. Move Upwards – Feeling more secure on the job front than I did this time last year, the main focus this year will be working towards a promotion as well as more clarity as to what I want achieve career-wise in the long run.
  10. Move Forward – DL and I have been in limbo for more than a year. It’s time to make a decision and move forward.