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I went on vacation and learned that the phrase, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” does not apply to flu-like symptoms. BTW, those flu-like symptoms have since been confirmed to be the actual flu. While quarantining myself for the past few days, I am often asked, “is it swine flu?” Well, to be honest, I don’t know. My doctor says that he wouldn’t be able to tell without a test, but that it didn’t matter since the treatment (Tamiflu) works for both (which was later prescribed to me). So I guess I’m covered for this flu season at least.

[Natalie Dee]

Anyhow, here the highlights:

  • Tamiflu, Sold Out? The first Walgreens I went to couldn’t fill my prescription because they were out of Tamiflu. Since I didn’t want to wait until they got their next shipment, I had to go home and look up two other locations to call and see who had it in stock. Once that was taken care of and the prescription was transferred over, I headed over to pick it up. Too bad I got the two addresses mixed up and went to the wrong Walgreens at first. Doh!
  • Fever, What Fever? It never fails. Every time I’m sick with a fever, my fever mysteriously goes away the minute a nurse or doctor takes my temperature. It’s like the freaking Michigan J. Frog (aka, the WB frog mascot that only sings when there isn’t an audience). At the same time, it really makes me question whether there’s something wrong with my¬†thermometer since it claimed that my temperature was ranging between 100.8 and 103.8, ’cause I sure didn’t feel that hot.
  • Theraflu‘s Motto Should Be: “Sweat Out The Flu In You” I must have drunk at least six packs of Theraflu over the last 3 days. Each dose was like taking a trip to a sauna ’cause I would start to sweat like a menopausal woman with a hot flash (more so in my sleep than during any other time). But hey, it did work, so no complaints here.
  • Cats Can Get Swine Flu Now this last one is just plain un-be-liv-a-ble! While I may not know for sure which flu I have, I was disturbed to learn today that a cat in Iowa was reported to have contracted swine flu. That means that my little Dolby is at high risk since he’s been hanging out with me in sick bay for the past four days. I’ll have to keep an eye out for any suspicious symptoms. Dangnabbit!