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So to bring a little structure to this blog, I’ve decided to start a new section called “I Heart Coupons.” To start things off, here’s a little something for beauty mavens everywhere – Sephora is having their friends & family sale (e.g., everything is 20% off) from now until Mon., 11/2. Here’s the coupon code: FF2009

In using this code and making my first online purchase at Sephora.com, I got a pretty good deal. I bought two full price items (basics which I consider to be must haves) and a few three sale items (things that I wouldn’t buy at full price). While I won’t line list everything that I bought, here are my favorite buys:

Cargo OneBase
(This is a great foundation/concealer for people like me who just needs some light cover up. It has also been a pain in the ass to find. I must have went to at least 4 different Sephora stores and NONE of them had my shade in stock. Unbelievable!)
Original Price = $26.00
W/Discount = $20.08

Sephora Illuminating Tweezers
(Since I lost my good tweezers, I’ve been in the market for a new one. I like the fact that this one lights up, we’ll see if it’s any good though.)
Original Price = $22.00
Sale Price = $11.00
W/Discount = $8.80 (^_^)

In total, I saved $11.70, got free shipping (which is typically over $5) by ordering more than $50 worth of merchandise and got three free samples with my order. IMHO, I thought it was pretty good deal even if Sephora is just a tad bit pricier than Target. My only gripe is that my purchases are not showing up on my Beauty Insider account – I want my points damn it! Gurr…I’m gonna have to call customer services to see what’s up, what a pain!