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*Rolls Dice*
“Come on, baby! Mama needs some new fine china!”

Last night, I was moseying around the Internet when I came across this contest being hosted by The Budget Savvy Bride and Lenox. In exchange for a blog post, tweet, Facebook fandom or a comment, one lucky bride-to-be or would-be-bride (who’s preemptively planning their wedding) can win Lenox’s Confection collection. Retailing at $172.00, this set includes a dinner plate, salad plate, bread and butter plate, teacup and saucer.

The contest asks the following question: What would I do with a new place setting of fine china? Well, for starters, I would be able to host a lovely tea party that’s decked out in true Martha Stewart DIY detailing….as of now, most meals at my house are an exercise at fending for yourself or a buffet line with miss-matched plates and flatware.

Now, as much as I would like to win said dinning set, I am a little confused by the contest’s description and rules. Am I competing for one set (e.g., a setting for one person) or for a complete set (e.g., settings for at least two people, preferably four)? ‘Cause, if the former, that would be really lame — because that would mean that I am forced to buy another set so that my dinner plates matched. How do I have a tea party if I only have one set? I’d need to spend some serious cash so that I have plates and cups for at least four people. ‘Come on now, Lenox marketing department….a blogging contest should not be used as a coupon (e.g, marketing device to get people to shop and buy).