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I’ve been a member of the ibrokedownandgotaniphone club since July. Since then, I have (1) ruined the ear phones, (2) oh so brilliantly blocked off the ear speaker with a protective piece of plastic and (3) left ugly stains on said protective piece of plastic. So now, I can only talk on my iPhone via speakerphone.

My problem is that I am lazy, too lazy to buy the replacements that I need (even if all I need to do is make a few clicks on a Web site); however, if I ever get over it…this is what I am going to get:

With this cutie-patutie, I hope to NEVER get my headphones in knots when I toss them in my bag…well, at least I’ll be able to pull out something cute.

Supposedly, the InvisibleShield is an almost indestructible piece of plastic that will protect an iPhone from even the most clumsiest person….we’ll see about that. For thing, it should be a lot better than the makeshift screen condom that I have on my iPhone right now.

And lastly, a new cover (for when I am off duty and don’t need to look professional)…something loud and obnoxiously cute. Nothing else will do.