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When I graduated from college, I decide to become a lifetime member of my alma mater’s alumni association. I figured that paying $250 upfront at the recent grad rate would eventually pay for itself (since an annual membership would cost about $10-25 a year). In hindsight, I am not so sure if this was the smartest financial decision that I’ve ever made.
Subnote: What I paid was is a bargain compared to the current price of membership, which is $500 for a lifetime membership while an annual membership is now $20-$50 per year.
You see, the only “benefits” that I’ve taken advantage of since graduating three years ago was getting discount at the student store for campus swag and the receiving the alumni magazine. T_T

After re-discovering of the member’s discount and services page this week, I’ve decided that I need to pay more attention and put my alumni status to better financial use. My first order of business will be to reinstating my library card. FYI, this was my original reason for buying the membership, but in all honesty, I haven’t stepped foot in that building since I left….but that’s gonna change!