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I’ve known for a long time that I want to have a more traditional Chinese wedding and would also love to incorporate those cool/detailed/quirky personal touches that are in vogue today. Problem is, the wedding blogs that provide the best tips and tricks for those cool/detailed/quirky personal touches are rather lacking in content for ethnic weddings.

Double Happiness Cupcake
[Photo via bakingarts/Flickr]

Sure, there’s the occasional “real wedding” recap of a Chinese or Chinese hybrid wedding…but there’s not really a whole lot of nifty ideas floating around. You could count the fancy Chinese to-go boxes, fortune cookies, paper lanterns and decorative chopsticks, but here’s the problem — Chinese to-go boxes and fortune cookies are about as Chinese as Kentucky Fried Chicken (read Jennifer 8. Lee’s book, The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, if you’ve missed that memo). Plus, most of those paper lanterns and decorative chopsticks are more Japanese in style…which is kind of a no-no if you’re going for a more traditional Chinese wedding. I mean come on, just because we’re all Asian doesn’t mean that our stuff is all the same.

For now I’ll just have to do my own research and experiments while reading my cousin’s blog, which is documenting the making of her wedding ceremony (wedding #1) and the Chinese banquet that her parents/in-laws are planning (wedding#2). Fun times.

If you’re planning a big fat Chinese wedding or know of another blogger who is, please do let me know – I’d love to add it to my RSS feed *wink*wink*