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So sometime last week, I lost my headphones/hands-free for my iPhone. It wasn’t in my room and it wasn’t at work. I thought for sure that I had left them behind at someone’s house. Little did I know, there really were in my room…..hidden in the pocket of my white sweatshirt.

Of course,  knowing me, I didn’t realize this until I opened the door to my washer after doing my whites. There they were — all neatly coiled up on top of all my clothes. I tell ya, if an inanimate object could grin and laugh at you for being stupid — then this would be that moment.

Here’s the good (and borderline miraculous) news — they still work and they’re clean. I don’t understand how – ’cause it certainly doesn’t say that they’re waterproof on the box. Plus, I doubt that waterproof means that they’ll survive going in with my whites (i.e., this means they were washed in hot water with color-safe bleach, detergent and softener).  If anything, here’s one point for Apple.

Side-note: I’m a Mac and my brother’s a PC. In recent months, the PC has been out doing the Mac (but that’s another story)….finally, my electronics have proven their worth.