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So there was an unexpected surprise in my mailbox today. No, it was not a stork-delivered baby. What I got was the latest issue of Marie Claire. Now this wouldn’t be so strange and surprising, IF I had a subscription….but since I don’t, this is weird.

Why is Hearst Corporation sending me a magazine that I didn’t buy? Based on my calculations and intuitive deductions, there are four possibilities:

  • Possibility #1: My mom got it for me because she had a coupon code from Amazon.com – it’s not that far fetched when you consider the fact that she’s done it before. This is evident from the large stack of bridal magazines in my room.
  • Possibility #2: I unknowingly bought the subscription myself one day by being trigger happy with my mouse.
  • Possibility #3: Hearst is trying to bolster its readership by giving away its magazines in a last ditch effort to drum up advertising dollars.
  • Possibility #4: A friend of mine had a BOGO promotion for Hearst’s magazines and gave me a free subscription without telling me.

After doing some detective work, some of these possibilities have cleared while others remain a possibility of interest. Check it out:

  • Well, after talking to my mom, possibility #1 is no longer a suspect.
  • I won’t know about possibility #2 until I get bill – so let’s rule that our since it’s unlikely that I got drunk one day and starting buying stuff online.
  • Possibility #3 is unlikely since the only other magazines that come to my house belong to Condé Nast and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. I’m pretty sure that they won’t gift subscribers with a competitor’s magazine.
  • It’s likely, but I have no idea who that would be…re: possibility #4

Since this mystery will likely become a cold case, I’m going to give it a rest and read the October issue.