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As of today, I’ve reached a new milestone – I have officially been employed for over a year by a single company. Since joining the workforce three/four years ago, I have jumped around like you would not believe….most of the time, the “jumping” was not by choice. Let’s recap, shall we?

  • Company 1 (6 months): After starting my first full time job after college, my employer (one of the little guys) decided to merge with a big company (that’s part of an international conglomerate of companies).
  • Company 2 (12 months): Since I had only six months of full-time work experience under my belt, I decided to stick with my new employer (the big company that bought company 1) and give it a try.
  • Company 3 (7 months): After a year, I decided that the big company was not for me and so I found a new employer. Little did I know, I boarded a sinking ship and was laid off a few months later.
  • Company 4 (12 months and counting): After three months of unemployment, I landed my current gig and have been happily employed since. No complaints here – let’s just hope that it stays this way and that I didn’t just horribly jinx myself with this post.

While I was unemployed, I felt like my resume sure looked spotty with all of these employers. I felt it made me look like I couldn’t hold a job or something, which I didn’t like. So my career goal for now is to stay put and bolster my experience and expertise in every way possible. I don’t know about you, but I think that I’ve switched things up enough for the last three years and that some consistency will do me some good.