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A year ago, I got my first smartphone – a red BlackBerry Pearl – and started a new job at The Agency. These two events marked the end of my unemployment and my run as a fairly decent blogger. It also signaled a new era of being a Facebook addict and being able to look up an address and/or get directions while in transit from point A to point B (i.e., never lost and a little less late). To sum it up, my life hasn’t been the same since.

However, contrary to popular belief, owning a BB did not seamlessly synchronize my work and personal life together. Instead, I “enjoyed” a lovely game of back-and-forth between two separate calendars, email accounts and address books. You see, shortly after joining The Agency, I soon learned that IT did not support BB phones. This was largely due to the fact that 90 percent of all Agency members already owned or will be buying an iPhone. While I accepted my black sheep phone, I couldn’t help be feel like a fish out of water, especially when all of your clients seem to own iPhones as well.

So cut to today – after a year as a kinda/sorta crackberry addict – I caved to unspoken social/industry peer pressure and joined the iPhone club. It’s just been a few days and first big improvement is the return of music to my life. (FYI, I haven’t owned an MP3 player since my iPhone died something in 2006 and was never replaced). As for the infamous apps, I am very excited about creating faux Asian sticker pics via Puri! and talking to my friends in China on the QQ app. Let’s just see if this WordPress app does anything to improve my blogging responsibilities.

Here it is…ta-da!

iPhone 3G S