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So back in January, I set my goals for 2009.….basically a laundry list of resolutions. Now that June is almost over, I think it’s about time to check in and see how well I am doing.

  1. Create a life list – In Progress; This is not a good sign considering that I am almost one year closer to hitting 30. Though I will say, that I was quite impressed by the list created by Ben Huh (i.e., the Asian guy behind I Can Has Cheezburger? and FAIL Blog among others). Maybe this will inspire me to get this together.
  2. Become a better blogger – In Progress; If I don’t turn this around, I just might fail at this one. Blogger is a commitment that I am definitely struggling with right now.
  3. Stay employed – Met; Things are going well at The Agency. Let’s keep it that way for the next six months.
  4. Live long and thrive – In Progress; Paid for a two-year membership to 24 Hour Fitness via Costco. Only cost me $300 bucks and with my $150 health insurance reimbursement, this means that I’m only paying $6.25 a month. W00T! As for the actual exercise part, I am trying to go at least once a week (sometimes once a month). Other fitness efforts include taking stairs and walking home (as opposed to having someone pick me up from the bus stop. This will continue to be a work in progress, no doubt about that. As for food, I need to kick this fried food habit….but what can I say, when the world’s got me down, nothing is more satisfying then french fries and chicken mcnuggets.
  5. A pirate’s life for me – On Hold; I just ain’t got no time and no taste to figure out what to download these days. So far, my musical tastes have been inspired by commercials, namely the Bacardi and Apple commercials.
  6. Budget like a rock star – On Hold; Not exactly something that I want or should be putting on hold, but to be really honest, I really am not counting my pennies as strictly as I should. No good, Daisy. No good. This needs to turn around fast.
  7. Find a hobby or a social group – In Progress; While I don’t exactly want to count knitting during my commute as a hobby, there has got be a better way to become social. I will say that I have been going to more networking events lately, but there’s only so much alcohol that I can drink (no joke, this would be one glass of wine or one bottle of beer per night).
  8. Become an early riser – In Progress; I woke up at 5 a.m. once and went to the gym. It messed me up for the rest of the week and I could not wake up before 6:30 a.m. again. While early, it’s not early enough. I just need to stop going to bed at 1 a.m. like I am doing tonight. Hurry up Daisy and go to bed!
  9. Organize – In Progress; Okay, so I have confession….I have an obsession for home decor, clean up and organization shows a la HGTV. Before and after shots are like eye candy to me….just too bad that I have such a hard time transferring what I see on TV to real life. I just don’t have the time or energy to be a maker in the truest sense.