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Will the contagious individual who infected me with strep throat please stand up? I’ve narrowed it down to a couple possibilities, but since both are work-related, I’m going to keep my mouth shut.

For those of you who haven’t figured it out, I have strep throat, which for most of this week, I thought it was weather related symptoms. On Monday and Tuesday, it was 90 degrees and humid. On Wednesday, it was 50 degrees and misty. So in my foolishness, I figured that my headache must be because of the heat, my sore throat must have been because of all the water I drank because of the heat, and my chills must have been because I didn’t dress warmly enough on Wednesday (but who can blame me, I figured it should have been in the 90s or 80s). Little did I know, I was actually sick. Didn’t really realize it until I took my temperature and saw that it was 101 degrees. wOOt!

Since my temperature didn’t go down by much the next morning, I took a sick day – oh yipee (not really)!