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natalie dee

You could call it writer’s block, or just plain laziness. Either way, I am finding it increasingly difficult to write a full sentence anytime after my 8-5pm shift at work. Today is an exception as I have an observation to point out about myself.

In an effort to undo the damage caused by agency life, I did the unthinkable last week…..I joined a gym. While I would much rather rejoin my kickboxing class (the real fighting stuff, not that cardio crap), I’ve finally accepted the fact that it is pretty much impossible for me to ever get back home in time to make it to class now that I commute again.

In other news, my “professional” blog which carries my namesake has suffered tremendously in the last two months. I guess in that sense, unemployment has its perks. I am beginning to realize that it very difficult to be a niche blogger when you are not a die-hard enthusiast. It would really be more appropriate for me to start a fan blog dedicated to House M.D. since I watch it almost religiously, but its been done (well) already. There really isn’t much for me to add at this point.

Other then my on-going rants on Twitter during my daily commute, I don’t have much to say these days. I think I have re-winded myself back to the beginning (of this blog) when I was basically trying to rehab myself out of The Agency. But in all fairness, despite the stress and the busy days, it’s still much better then what I had anticipated.