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natalie dee

Just finished watching Obama’s acceptance speech about a couple of hours ago. Not much to add to that discussion other than the typical, “WOW! I just was history in the making – We, as in all of America, elected a black president for the first time ever!.”

While I wasn’t brought to tears like so many of the faces watching Obama’s speech in Chicago (guess I would have had to have been there), I did feel a sense of amazement. My government teacher in high school once said that historically (back in 2001), almost every American president was and probably would continue to be a WASP man (i.e. a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant man. Fortunately for the rest of us, that is even further from the truth now.

I will forever remember today as one of those poignant moments in history as well as the day that I got my first cavity (which is depressing considering how much time and care I have dedicated in the last 25 years to not getting a cavity). To commemorate this moment, I am going to buy a copy of the newspaper in the morning, perhaps The New York Times, and save it.  As for my decaying tooth, I’ll be going in for a filling next week.