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Natalie Dee

It certainly is a strange and twisted world, when you come home after a long commute on a bus to find your car infested with ants. Yes, you heard right….ANTS!

It was as if I coated the outside of my car with sugar and the ants came to celebrate carnival. Bizarre? Yes. Random? Yes. Unheard of? I should say so.

My only lucky charm during this whole situation was the fact that they did not go inside my car……..at least to the best of my knowledge. It was also fortune it that most of them “flew” away as I drove from the park ‘n’ ride back home. It was even more fortunate that the rest of drown in a soapy death as I wiped down the surface of my car with a squeegee. Either way, until I am for certain that the car is ant-free, I am parking outside so that the little buggers don’t try to move in to my house.

The lesson? If you’re car is sticky because of some mysterious tree sap that is coating everything in its path with stickiness, then beware of ants. Trust me, it’s not pleasant