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Natalie Dee

Just recently rediscovered my first blog (circa 2002), which I had long believed to be obsolete as the blogging platform no longer exists. But it goes to show that whatever you post on the Internet will stay there forever, especially if you were a fool and signed up blog with a “we do not allow you to delete or edit anything” policy.

What surprised me the most is that I have only been blogging since 2003 (fyi: I started the account in 2002 but didn’t actually write anything until 2003). I could have sworn that I started earlier…..but I suppose that I am mixing up my blogging history with that simpleton Web site building phase in my life (i.e. Homestead, anyone?). I suppose then, if you count that former obsession, then I’ve been trying to build a Web presence for awhile.

So why all the thoughts on my online footprint? Well, I just finished a free e-book called, “Personal Branding for Business Professionals” by Chris Brogan. It’s has some pretty good suggestions on how to develop your “brand” online through blogs, social networks, twitter, etc. It got me thinking about my own personal brand before I made a conscious effort to build one and after. Thankfully, those two identities are very unlikely to ever be matched together, which means that I am still empowered to control who I am online. And with only 15 pages, its a quick and simple read. I would recommend this for anyone trying to get a job related to the internet or Web 2.0 in some way shape or form. I myself liked it so much that I just might be applying some of these tips to my professional online persona.