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So for the past few days, I have been without Internet and time to update. But in case you have not heard already, I have decided to return to agency life and accept the offer (after some negotiations, of course).

While I initially had a lot of hesitations about agencies in general when I first began my job hunt, I feel very good about this agency, the people that I will be working with and the work that I will be doing. So I’m going to trust my gut on this one and go for it.

It will be nice to get my life and career back on track. Unemployment, while great for getting more sleep, has been slowly but surely reverting my sleeping schedule back to the 11am to 3am lifestyle of my college years.

In the next few days, I will be preparing myself for war (i.e. work). To quote my quotable friend, YYC, “I’m off to fight the good fight.”

Natalie Dee

Of course, I can’t help but hold on to some sinking feeling (like anyone who has ever been laid off) that maybe, just maybe, this all might be too good to be true. JHG calls it job security anxiety and it may be a while before I’ll feel secure enough to take my job for granted again.