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Natalie Dee

In other unrelated news, some stupid wanna-be vampire of a bug bit me on the neck a couple of days ago. This bug left me a little red mark on (which I originally thought was a zit) that later swelled into an ugly bump. In case you need a visual, it looked like I had an Adam’s apple. If it got any bigger, you just might think that I was a transvestite.

I put a topical benadryl cream on it one night and it got worse. The following day, I talked to a nurse who told me that topical benadryl is useless. Super. However, instead she suggested that I eat the Benedryl anti-histamine pill and use 1% hydrocortesone cream instead.

Cut to this morning — The swelling has indeed gone down. By golly, it’s a miracle!

Personal PR Campaign
Media Alert: Attention all spiders, mosquitoes and ticks! I don’t care which one of you critters did it, either way, none of you are welcomed within a 20 foot radius of me. Also, my dog and cats are off limits too!